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As well as I hate the "We must have the most advanced technology"-sentence I also hate the "We must be on the Web". I am not here for either reason but because I would like you to know me, and because I have something I would like to share with you.
So this is not a playground for the most advanced features. Neither is it an implementation of WorldWideWait with pretty high-resolution pictures. It is the base for me to give you useful information. The work on these pages started in end of April '98 and the expansion has started to grow a little slower, so tell me if you find it too sparse to be 'a collection of useful information'. I will always appreciate any feed-back. Too much useless noise? Too little information? (Probably yes - still). Any information that I must include?
Privacy: No information from your visit is saved by me.

All pages on this site are listed below, with no links to other places on the WEB. So this is your place to work from, if you want to explore just this site.

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AltaVista Search AltaVista is a large (the largest?) robot-seeded database, so you've better start up with a couple of searchwords or more.
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Google is another hot robot seeded search engine.
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Jubii is the Danish word for Yahoo, and also the name of one of the first Danish search machines. It's mostly based on information keyed in from the users.
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Yahoo is now also aviable in a Danish version
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Kvasir! is a Scandinavian database.
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Hotbot is the search engine using the Inktomi-base most directly.
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See also iSeries 400 (AS/400) specific Search Engines
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