Reorganize Physical Filemembers (RGZPFMBRS) command for IBM iSeries 400 (AS/400)



  One of the space consumers on iSeries 400 (AS/400) that 'GO CLEANUP' ignores are deleted records. Ideally an application should manage it's own files but it often does not. One of the examples is all the SNA/HFS files that IBM gives us in QUSRSYS. Apart from taking up space a huge number of deleted records slows down sequential processing of files. The cure for this is the IBM command RGZPFM.

When you want do do it on several files, a drawback on the IBM command is that it only takes a single member at a time. It is fairly simple to make an adhoc program running on for example an outfile from QRY or SQL of DSPFD. But why not make a command to do this, offering also som extra care to error situations and runtime? My RGZPFMBRS is such a command, ready for you to download for free.


Unless otherwise specified you can only use the RGZPFMBRS if you have got it directly from me. You can install and use it on one single iSeries 400 (AS/400) in any commercial or non-commercial project YOU are working on. You can allow anyone else working on the same project on the same iSeries 400 (AS/400) to use it. You can distribute this text only (the description and my address) to anybody you want if it is not changed. Actually you are invited to do so. No other distribution is allowed. You must remove the utility from machines you will no longer have access to. You are not allowed to sell (alone or as part of a project) any services from this utility.
You are expected within a month after download to send a message with your opinion to the author.
How to order Reorganize Physical Filemembers (RGZPFMBRS) command for IBM iSeries 400 (AS/400)
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