The Check Object/Source accordance (CHKOBJSRC) command for IBM iSeries 400 (AS/400)

In every shop you follow strict rules about how and where to save the source used for the production programs. If the rules are, that they should stay forever in the same place as the were when the objects were created, a check that you have all objects is easily done with standard OS/400 commands. IBM has even created a more advanced command for this use: ANZUSROBJ. This is not a part of standard OS/400, but you can order it as a normal PTF. PTF number are:

V2R3M0: SF42904 V3R0M5: SF44627
V3R1M0: SF42617 V3R2M0: SF44630
V3R6M0: SF42894 V3R7M0: SF42883
V4R1M0: SF44633 V4R1M4: SF46495
V4R2M0: SF44967

If however you use to move the source after creating the object is is not as easy.
Working with Y2K I have found the need for a tool to locate all those sources. I call it CHKOBJSRC.

You find a cut from the program' s output below. You can also get a free copy of the program, if you fill the the form.


Unless otherwise specified you can only use the CHKOBJSRC if you have got it directly from me. You can install and use it on one single iSeries 400 (AS/400) to locate source in any commercial or non-commercial project YOU are working on. You can allow anyone else working on the same project on the same iSeries 400 (AS/400) to use it. You can distribute this text only (the description and my address) to anybody you want if it is not changed. Actually you are invited to do so. No other distribution is allowed. You must remove the utility from machines you will no longer have access to. You are not allowed to sell (alone or as part of a project) any output from this utility.
You are expected within a month after download to send a message with your opinion to the author.

How to get the Check Object/Source accordance (CHKOBJSRC) command for IBM iSeries 400 (AS/400)
All you have to do is to fill the form. You will then receive the program in few days.

An example of the output from the command: I have cut a little piece from the program's output here.


*-Object-* Sourcedate (object)  Sourcedate (source)
CHKOBJC2   1998.05.15 17:30:46  OK
CHKOBJR1   1998.05.15 18:17:41  1998.05.15 19:20:36
CHKOBJSRC  1998.05.15 17:30:48  OK

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