A draft for Year 2000 Conversion

6 steps to solve Year2000 conversion in co-operation with me.

This describes a templet where most of the work that will benefit of deep insight to your environment is retained at you, and the tasks involving tools and motivation for monotonous work is done by me. I am open for other deals too.

  1. Identify the application. The goal is to define the limits that surround a medium sized system area with as few interfaces with other systems as possibly. Not so big that it is unmanageble to convert and test in one process but not so small that the advantage of large scale operation is lost.
  2. Identify the Critical Event Horizon and the exposure to your buisiness in order to justify the needed resources. Also consider the different options, mainly Replacement, Conversion or Continuing (with possibly loss of century-spanning functionality).
  3. If Conversion: Check the integrity. You might use my free tool for checking source integrity. You can copy all source that should be converted into one library, and dependant not-to-change objects (including file data) and their source into another. It should then be possibly to compile (with only the two libraries in the librarylist) and run the applications in that simple environment to test the reference integrity.
  4. Agree with me that I can estimate the time and payment needed for the conversion. If so, you can send me a tape with the two libraries mentioned and expect an estimate back in two or three weeks. I will charge a small amount for an estimate. About USD 1.000 if the tape holds a complete base for the estimate. The total cost can be expected to be between USD 0.02 and 0.20 per RPG source line, closest to the low end for applications developed for internal use. A fixed quotation is a possibility.
  5. If we make an agreement I will timely return the converted application in a roughly tested version. During the time I use for conversion it is not necessary to stop internal development of the application. Because most work with my conversion tool is 'defining conversion reposatory' it is no big deal to replace with changed source. It is only needed to keep a log of changes done.
  6. Both during the initial conversion period and when correcting what might be found during the test, I suggest that a person from you with the necessary commitment and an e-mail address is pointed out to ease the process.

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